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(January 27) Horoscope and a Healthy Mind

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Do you ever wonder why some people go to astrologer after astrologer, traveling here, near, and far?

  • They are not hearing what they need from one who claims to know.
  • Some people need communication they don’t get from straight astrology.
  • They are really seeking release from their own unconscious secrets that have been haunting and holding them back for years.

“That’s why I went to psychotherapy school; to learn how to fill that need. Since then, I have spent more than 35 years mastering the connection between astrology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with much success. I intend to do just that with this workshop, whether you’re a newbie just discovering magic and mystery, or you are already in practice. I believe it is the only way to learn, and the best way to practice, and I’m very grateful I found it… and it found me.”

 —Michael Lutin

Weekly Topics:

  1. The Solar Chart and Four Levels of Interpretation: Astrological, Genetic, Metaphysical, and Interactional.
  2. Forecasting with Progressions and Transits: Growth of the Soul and Spirit
  3. Rulership and Disposition: Nothing Lasts Forever
  4. Planetary Stations and Retrogrades: Patience, Mastery and Depth
  5. Recurrence: Overcoming the Compulsion to Repeat and the Path to Healing

Course Goals:

  • Know that psychology starts before setting up a chart and before you read it. No shortcuts.
  • Learn to communicate with a client not only with what is said, but what is not said.
  • Build a secure trust with the client that all information is totally private.
  • Provide a path for the client to address recurring issues to heal problematic patterns.

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