Working with a Wizard Moon (Recording)

Working with a Wizard Moon (Recording)

Working with a 12th house moon: what are the lessons, the challenges, and the hidden gifts?

Michael Bartlett

Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Michael Bartlett

Interpreting planets in the 12th house can be difficult. This workshop will help you better understand this house of unseen forces by focusing on the Moon—after all, roughly one in 12 of us have a natal 12th house Moon! And for those who don’t, every month, the Moon transits this natal house.

How can we best work with the Moon in the 12th?
How do you relate to a person with a 12th house Moon?
How do we work with the monthly lunar cycle as it enters “Grandma’s Attic?”

Michael answers these questions through a look at the solitary self and the characteristics of a 12th house Moon. He covers practical ideas for finding time for personal space and being alone; considerations for spiritual practice; and asking for help with potential anxieties and fears.


Workshop Recorded 2018

Runtime: 152 minutes