Astrological Heritage

Astrological Heritage

We sometimes think of astrology as just one thing, but different cultures asked different questions as they found meaning in the ever-changing sky. This class offers a survey of the history of astrology, primarily in the West.

Mentor: Inga Thornell
Self Study Course


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Mentor: Inga Thornell
Course: RH114 Astrological Heritage
Self Study Course : 4 months to complete



Students will:

  • Examine how astrology originated in various cultures and what questions it sought to address
  • See how astrology became embedded in mainstream culture in these societies
  • Study the lineages in which different astrological theories developed
  • Examine the relationship between the history of science and religion, philosophy and mythology
  • Examine the changes in cosmology throughout history and how these changes affected society’s attitudes.
  • Critique the intellectual shifts in religion and philosophy that led to the modern scientific and secular worldview, and the rejection of intuitive ways of knowing
  • Explore how changes in 20th-century philosophy and science affected the arts and sciences, and how 21st-century research is moving toward a more inclusive world view.


This course is required for the Certificate Diploma, although it can also be taken as an elective.



Weekly topics:

1.Mesopotamian Contributions

2.Egyptian Contributions

3.Greek Contributions

4.Hellenistic Astrology

5.Rome and Astral Religions

6.Early Christianity and Astrology

7.The Islamic World

8.The Latin West

9.The Renaissance

10. Other Astrologies



Inga Duncan Thornell graduated from Kepler College with a BA in East-West Studies and a minor in Mythology. She continued her studies at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David in the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology program. She has returned to Kepler College as an instructor. She also works with clients in a private coaching practice. Her interests include astrology, mythology, and ritual.

Inga’s goal is to help her clients better understand and constructively utilize the planetary energies in their lives by recognizing them within themselves and others and to invoke their powers at will. Please see for information.

Required Books:

A History of Western Astrology Volume I: The Ancient and Classical Worlds

Original title:The Dawn of Western Astrology: The Ancient and Classical Worlds by Nicholas Campion

A History of Western Astrology Volume II: The Medieval and Modern Worlds by Nicholas Campion



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