Astrological Analysis: Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation

Astrological Analysis: Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation

Investigate the ins and outs of chart interpretation with expert astrologer Donna Cunningham!

Donna Cunningham


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About this eBook

2014 edition pdf for instant download | 170 pgs.

What You’ll Learn

This is a collection of articles on various facets of chart interpretation, based partly on Donna’s much-acclaimed series for intermediate students in The Mountain Astrologer. In this richly-illustrated volume, she shares insights and observations gathered from 35 years of astrological practice.

Topics include aspect patterns, elemental balance, identifying chart themes, finding the strongest planets in a chart, singletons, stelliums, transits, the second Saturn return, relocation, and more. (This ebook is regularly used as a text in online astrology classes at Kepler College.)


All proceeds go toward Kepler’s scholarship fund.