Medical Astrology (MD100) – Audit Course

Medical Astrology (MD100) – Audit Course

This course is designed to be an historically inclusive, in-depth and practical introduction to medical astrology. Students will be introduced to historical practitioners and core concepts in astrological medicine from its ancient Greek beginnings through our modern period. By the end of the course, students will have an overview of the development of medical astrology and its potential applications, as well as the legal, ethical and philosophical principles informing its use.

Instructors: Judith Hill, William Morris, Marcos Patchett
Recorded Fall Term 2022-23


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Instructors: Marcos Patchett, Judith Hill, William Morris
Recorded: Fall Term 2022
Course Length: 10 segments



This course is an AUDIT Course. No academic credit will be awarded.

This Medical Astrology course is intended for general informational and historic purposes only, and does not constitute medical diagnosis, opinion, fact, directives or advice. Individuals should always seek their physician’s approval before considering any ideas, hypotheses or ancient knowledge imparted by the teachers of MD100. Any application of the information set forth in this course is at the student’s discretion and is his or her sole responsibility.


The course will equip students with the techniques to hold a medical astrological evaluation (within the bounds of their own medical knowledge, legal permissions and personal competence). These procedures will include the medical assessment of birth charts, consultation charts and decumbitures, transits, profections and solar returns for the purposes of understanding medical concerns from astrological perspectives. The course covers traditional concepts of Temperament from both Elemental and Humoral frameworks and will enable students to utilize astrology to help clients dealing with medical issues in practical and responsible ways.

Prerequisites: Students should have astrological knowledge of signs, houses, planets, transits, and progressions. A basic understanding of key traditional concepts such as planetary dignities, sect, and reception are also essential.



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