Medical Astrology: History & Foundations

Medical Astrology: History & Foundations

Study the historical practices of astrology with a focus on Hippocratic and Galenic medicine. Explore astrology’s advent, essential developments, and the foundational personalities within systems of medical thought and care.

Instructors: Drs. Lee Lehman & Will Morris
MPC301 (10 weeks) – Spring 2023-24
Begins April 6, 2024
Advance pricing ends March 23, 2024

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Instructors: Lee Lehman, PhD, & Will Morris PhD, DAOM
Day: Saturday, beginning April 6, 2024
Time: 8:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Course Length : 10 weeks – All live sessions are recorded



Upon completion of this course, successful learners will be able to:

— Situate astrological practice as a transdiscipline, professionally, historically, and cross-culturally.

  • Analyze the development of alchemically based medicines within their astrological and Hermetic context.
  • Explore anatomical and humoral concepts relative to the assessment and remediation of astrologically informed care.


— Discuss omen-based symbolism relative to functional magical-medical praxis.

— For herbal thought, explore the doctrine of signatures, botanical rulerships, and taxonomical relations between plant medicine and astrology.

  • Use electional techniques for medicine-making especially related to gathering, dispensing and administering.


— Apply astrology to public health concerns.

  • Apply astrological techniques to social change, plagues, war, and migration.
  • Apply sign mutations of Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Consider ingresses and eclipses in public health matters.
  • Identify climate, pandemics, and lifestyle as features of regular medical practice.


— Review systems of care that can be informed astrologically. 

  • Develop concepts of preserving ancient medicines within various national health traditions.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Babylon, Akkadia, and Mesopotamia 
  2. Antiquity – Hellenistic
  3. Middle Ages
  4. Paracelsus 
  5. Renaissance
  6. Homeopathy
  7. Modernity and Herbalism: Terrain and Germ Theory 
  8. Flexner and Straight Medicalism
  9. Astrologically Informed Manual Therapeutics and Physical Agents 
  10. Learners’ Presentations


Required Reading:

Lehman, J.L., Traditional Medical Astrology: Medical Astrology from Celestial Omens to 1930  Illustrated edition ed. 2012: Red Feather.


Kepler College Fundamentals Certificate or equivalent.

**This course is required for the Certificate and Diploma in the Kepler College Mind, Body, and Spirit Astrology Program.



View J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D.’s bio here

View Will Morris, Ph.D., DAOM’s bio here

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