Jupiter & Saturn: Cycles of Development

Jupiter & Saturn: Cycles of Development

Parents often ask astrologers for advice on how to support their children as they grow up. How can astrologers do this ethically?

The instructor’s unique position as both a professional astrologer and a school teacher provides a perspective that has been previously unexplored in astrology. Participants will work with information discovered through the instructor’s research on the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn. Students will also be provided with unpublished resources from the tutor’s own collection as well as resources from other fields.

Instructor: Alex Trenoweth
E207 (5 weeks) – Winter 2023-24
Class begins January 20, 2024
Advance pricing ends January 6, 2024

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Instructor: Alex Trenoweth
Day: Saturday, beginning January 20, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 5 weeks – all live sessions are recorded



Professional astrologers can help parents to understand their adolescent child’s cycles of development and show how they, as parents, function as authority figures. This can aid parents through insights into their relationship with their child, and empower them to discipline their child appropriately and most of all, support their child when it really matters. Although Child Protection guidelines discourage unqualified people from working with the under 18s, you can use astrology to help provide a unique insight into how this age group grows and develops.

Weekly Topics:

1. Working ethically with children’s charts

  • The main principles of Safeguarding children and why these are important for consulting astrologers who wish to work with the charts of children
  • An overview of the astrological cycles of development


2. The role of Jupiter and Saturn

  • An in-depth view of the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn in child development


3. Directions Of Jupiter and Saturn

  • Examining case studies of how the direction of Jupiter and Saturn can affect the timing of key stages of development


4. Uranus in the stages of development. Could lunar phase play a key role in the behaviour of children?

  • Examing case studies
  • Research into lunar phase and behaviour


5. Putting it all together

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the basic concepts of child protection.
  • Cultivate the ability to offer astrological advice to parents without compromising one’s own consultation practice.


Required Texts:

  • Trenoweth, Alex. Growing Pains: Astrology in Adolescence. 2017. Kindle or print book from Amazon, or autographed copy from author via alextrenoweth.co.uk
  • “The Wolf You Feed” (PDF), provided by instructor



Intermediate level; a good overall understanding of natal concepts, transits, directions, and consultancy practices.



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Registration closes at 7:00am on Wednesday January 24th, 2024


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