Getting the Most out of Solar Fire 8

Getting the Most out of Solar Fire 8

Did you know that many astrological errors often have more to do with the software than the astrologer? Entrust your practice with Solar Fire as Madalyn guides you through the nuances of the innovative possibilities available to you!

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Recorded Workshop



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Instructor: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

What You’ll Learn

Discover how to customize the program to work for YOU.

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen takes you on a guided tour of Solar Fire 8.

This workshop covers:

  • Setting Preferences
  • Creating and Editing Point Files
  • Creating and Editing User-Defined Points and Extra Ring Points
  • Creating and Editing Aspect Files
  • Casting Charts of All Types
  • Overview of the Reports in Solar Fire
  • Using Solar Maps
  • Creating Dynamic Reports
  • Using Chart Animation
  • Using Chart Art
  • Aspect Highlighting and Filtering
  • Creating a Graphic Ephemeris
  • Using the Ephemeris Generator
  • Editing Wheels
  • Editing Colors
  • Creating and Editing Custom Pages
  • Editing Interpretations
  • Creating Tasks with the Astrologer’s Assistant
  • Using the Calendar


The workshop recording has been divided into three separate files to make it easier for you to download.  In addition, a bonus file is included from a 2012 webinar on An Introduction to Solar Fire 8.

Recorded 02/22/2014

Runtime: 73 minutes