Fundamentals of Life Coaching for Astrologers Part I

Fundamentals of Life Coaching for Astrologers Part I

Life Coaching is a professional service in which the coach uses a co-collaborative process to guide the client through self-discovery; helping them clarify a new vision, formulating strategies to helping foster accountability to reach set goals.

Instructor: Marie O’Neill
WR207A (5 weeks) – Spring 2022-23
Begins May 20, 2023
Advance pricing ends May 6, 2023


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Instructor: Marie O’Neill
Day: Saturday, beginning May 20, 2023
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM Pacific Time
Course Length : 5 weeks – All live sessions are recorded



Life Coaching and astrology are a perfect fit for a counseling astrologer. The astrologer co-collaborates with the client as both coach and astrologer to achieve goals based on the strengths and challenges seen in the astrology chart. The astrologer now has an on-going coaching relationship with the client rather than seeing the client once or twice a year. Additionally, the astrologer is in the position of being a more effective guide which not only leads to the success of the client this also fosters better client retention.

This course is divided into two 5-week classes. The purpose of the first five weeks is to provide instructions on the fundamentals of Life Coaching for astrologers which includes:

  • the four elements of coaching
  • how to use the chart to recognize talents and the potential for success along with what is potentially holding the client back concerning achieving their goals
  • determining your niche
  • how to combine coaching with astrology
  • how to support the client
  • how to ask the right questions
  • setting up the coaching session, practice coaching sessions with peers
  • how to be a co-collaborator with the client.


Grading will be done via written quizzes, reading assignments, class participation and practice coaching sessions.

Required Texts: Links, articles, and handouts will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Prerequisites: none



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