Fundamentals III: Building Delineation Skills

Fundamentals III: Building Delineation Skills

This class focuses on building students’ ability to interpret a chart, as well as adding additional techniques to help hone their understanding. On a regular basis, students will examine techniques to synthesize the astrological symbols to create a coherent interpretation. Along the way, students will explore their own beliefs and filters in order to develop their delineation skills and become aware of additional ethical issues.

Instructors: Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
WR201 (10 weeks) – Spring 2022-23
Class begins April 16, 2023
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Instructors: Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
Day: Sunday, beginning April 16, 2023
Time: 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time, plus Study Hall on Tuesdays, 9:00 – 10:00 AM or 5:00-6:00 PM Pacific Time
Course Length: 10 weeks – all live classes are recorded



Students will have the benefit of a two-session exposure to the methodology developed by veteran astrologer, Susie Cox. This is a simplistic but powerful, visual and linguistic approach to chart synthesis.

Topics include:

  • Developing critical thinking skills through examining conflicting views and asking questions about varying subjects such as dignities, sect, the existence of good or bad planets, and house placements
  • Characteristics of effective and ineffective astrologers
  • Practice with multiple approaches to the delineation of the chart
  • Learning to identify personal filters and those related to the natal chart
  • Techniques for blending chart components such as the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant
  • Identifying and using essential and accidental dignities to differentiate between expressions of planetary essence and strength in the natal chart
  • Learning how to differentiate the quality of aspects through consideration of variations in planetary relationships by their nature and placement in the chart
  • Learning how dispositors, time lords, planetary speed, and derivative houses can enhance chart interpretation
  • Introduction to use of profection and transits in chart activation


Required Books:

  • Geisler, Pat. 2013. Chocolate Sauce. NH: ACS Publications. ($12 at Amazon)
  • Obert, Charles. 2015. Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology: A Complete Working Guide for Modern Astrologers. Minneapolis, MN: Almuten Press. ($19.95 at or Amazon)
  • Obert, Charles. 2020. The Classical Seven Planets. Minneapolis, MN: Almuten Press. ($14.95 at or Amazon)


*Required for the Professional Diploma

Weekly topics:

  1. Review of the Basics
  2. Importance of Good Data
  3. Derivative Houses
  4. Understanding and Using the Dignities
  5. Profections
  6. Vocational and Retrograde Review
  7. Entering the Chart: ASC Rulers, and the Nautical Paradigm
  8. Considering Aversion
  9. Student Presentations & Vocational Clues/Fixed Stars
  10. Student Presentations, Transits, and The Via Combusta




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