Fundamentals II: Interpretation Essentials

Fundamentals II: Interpretation Essentials

Beyond basic interpretation of planets, signs, houses, and aspects, this course introduces students to techniques that clarify, or modify the chart interpretation to identify major life themes. Students learn the lineage of techniques and their modern practice, plus any controversy, to better understand the diversity of traditions in the 21st-century astrology community. The RN102 course focuses on modifying the natal planet expression, taking interpretation from “cookbook” memorization to nuanced and personalized interpretation.

Instructors: Carol Tebbs & Enid Newberg
RN102 (10 weeks) – Winter 2023-24
Class begins January 7, 2024
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Instructors: Carol Tebbs & Enid Newberg
Day: Sunday, beginning January 7, 2024
Time: 8:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 10 weeks – all live classes are recorded



Weekly topics: 

  1. Review and Synthesis · Sun/Moon/ASC combinations
  2. Theoretical Lineages · Sidereal/Tropical · Modern vs. Traditional · Lunar Nodes
  3. House Systems/Comparisons · Intercepted Houses
  4. Moon phases in the Birth Chart · Lunar Nodes
  5. Planetary Condition · Planetary Speed · Accidental Dignities · Joys
  6. Applying/Separating · Retrogrades
  7. Aspects Configurations · Tightest Aspects · Aspect Networks
  8. Planetary Associations
  9. Derivative Houses/Radicality
  10. Natal Promise · Finding Life Themes


By the end of RN102, students will have developed the skills necessary for evaluating chart information and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. They will be able to synthesize the core astrological components and modify information into a coherent and meaningful interpretation without relying on outside resources.

Required Books:

  • Burk, Kevin, Understanding the Birth Chart
  • George, Demetra, Astrology and the Authentic Self, Ibis Press, FL, 2008, 304 pps.



RN101, T104, or equivalent

*Required for the Professional Diploma



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