Counseling Issues in Astrology

Counseling Issues in Astrology

Astrological counseling as a profession has some unique features. In this course, students will be introduced to considerations involved in astrological counseling as a profession, and to the process of working on communication issues with clients, including organizing a session, delivering content, dealing with ethical issues and developing referral strategies.

Instructors: Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
W103 (10 weeks) – Spring 2022-23
Class begins April 15, 2023
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Instructors: Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
Day: Saturday, beginning April 15, 2023
Time: 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 10 weeks – all live classes are recorded



Students will develop skills known to contribute to effective counseling. They will learn to differentiate astrological counseling from other healing and helping modalities. By the end students will also demonstrate an understanding of solutions to ethical dilemmas inherent in counseling, including boundary issues common to astrological sessions.

Through completing designated readings, assignments and role play, actively participating in discussion forums, online sessions, and written assignments, the student will be able to:


  • Differentiate astrological counseling from other healing and helping modalities.
  • Understand the importance of and be able to identify specific listening, focusing and communication skills integral to successful counseling interactions.
  • Demonstrate ability to develop specific parameters for counseling sessions.
  • Locate basic relationship needs and potential in the natal chart.
  • Demonstrate ability to focus on specific areas of inquiry posited by the client and to deliver information to the client using effective non-astrological language.
  • Demonstrate understanding of solutions to ethical dilemmas inherent in counseling.


Required Books:

  • Cunningham, Donna. Counseling Principles for Astrologers: Becoming an Effective Change Agent., 2006.($15 at url on left)
  • Duncan, Adrian Ross. Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment. Samuel Weiser, 2002.
  • Mulligan, Bob. 2001. Between Astrologers & Clients. Naples,FL: available at (or by calling 941.261.2840)


*Required for the Professional Diploma



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