Applied Rectification Practicum

Applied Rectification Practicum

Without an accurate birth time, an astrologer’s forecast for the client could be off by a year, or more, which is not professionally acceptable. This 5-week course focuses on time range searches from a few minutes to six hours.

Instructor: Carol Tebbs
RP301 (5 weeks) – Fall 2023-24
Class begins October 8, 2023
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Instructor: Carol Tebbs
Day: Sunday, beginning October 8, 2023
Time: 10:30-12:30 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 5 weeks – all live classes are recorded



Even with a birth certificate, all birth times should be tested because of the wide disparity of recording around the world. Testing ensures that the ANGLES of the chart are confirmed by movement techniques that show the activation of the natal chart at dates of major life events. If they don’t, the astrologer and client can determine if rectification of the birth time is needed and what is to be accomplished by the search. To rectify the chart, the client often needs to be asked for additional information about specific life turning points based on his or her memory, records, family, and/or friends.

Common problems with recorded birth time accuracy are:

  • Times rounded to the quarter-hour
  • Times recorded in standard time by statute, when daylight time was in effect,
  • Clock and watch variances, and
  • Birth time is not a priority for the medical staff.


By the end of this course, students will be able to apply various chart movement techniques to align appropriate chart patterns and astrological significators to actual life events, from a few minutes of known birth time to a 6-hour search. They will learn the important areas of practice and controversy in rectification; demonstrate knowledge of timing techniques; evaluate activated natal chart angles at important events, and derive a time that can consistently be repeated and aligned with major events.

Weekly Topics Include:

  1. Problematic Issues: Assessing the Need for Birth Time Rectification
  2. How to Assess the Natal Chart Dynamics to Set the Stage for Rectification
  3. If the Birth Time Doesn’t Match Events, Why Does It Matter? Looking at first-tier techniques.
  4. Arcing Planets to Angles Can Confirm Birth Time
  5. Putting Rectification Theory into Practice


This course does require a good knowledge of transits, progressions, directions, and other methods of moving the chart in time. 

Advanced astrology software that can search various movement methods is highly recommended, such as Solar Fire 9, Sirius 3.0, Time Passages, and others. Jigsaw (a research program) is not required.

Required Books:

  • Dobyns, Zipporah Pottenger, Progressions Directions and Rectification, AFA, Tempe, AZ, Jan 26, 2011, Reprint of 1975 version, 106 pages
  • Tebbs, Carol, The Complete Book of Chart Rectification, Llewellyn Publishing, MN, 2008, 295 pages (Out of print as of October 2020, but the E-book is available in the Kepler College store here, or try Amazon. com-Kindle for used copies.)


*RP301 or RP302 Required for the Professional Diploma



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