Advanced Predictive Techniques

Advanced Predictive Techniques

East meets West and Traditional meets Modern with an introduction to many of the movement techniques currently used in astrology.

Instructor: Carol Tebbs
W111A (5 weeks) – Summer 2022-23
Class begins July 16, 2023
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Instructor: Carol Tebbs
Day: Sunday, beginning July 16, 2023
Time: 8:00-10:00 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 5 weeks – all live classes are recorded



Students will move beyond the basics covered in W110 (transits, directions, and progressions). W111A introduces the solar return, midpoints, and the 90-degree dial to unfold the promise of the natal chart, as well as using movement in a larger context in electing a good time for an event and seeing the world with mundane predictive techniques like the Aries ingress and the synodic cycles of outer planets.

W111A continues the examination of the development of modern Western interpretive movement methods based upon planetary cycles, natural phenomena, and symbolic interpretive tools from the 16th to the 21st centuries.

Required Books:

Doser, Oner, Astrological Prediction: A Handbook of Techniques, Cazimi Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2015, 304 pp, ($24.95 Amazon new) (YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS FROM 110)

Ebertin, Reinhold, Combination of Stellar Influences, translated by Roosedale and Kratzsch, American Federation of
Astrologers, Tempe, AZ, 2004, 330 pps. ($21.60 Amazon new)

Pre-requisite: A working knowledge of the fundamentals of natal interpretation and synthesis as well as the W110
movement methods.

*Required for the Professional Diploma

Weekly topics:

  1. Solar Returns
  2. Predicting Mundane Issues
  3. Introduction to Electional Astrology
  4. Predicting the Year with Symmetrical Astrology
  5. Student Presentations



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Registration closes at 7:00am on Wednesday July 19th, 2023


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