CATEGORY: The Bridge Workshop

[Wkshp] The Bridge Course Workshop 20-21 [Recording]

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This workshop is for students of astrology who know the
basics but struggle with putting it all together. It introduces simple but
powerful techniques and methods that allow students to bring the generalities
of astrological symbolism to an insightful interpretation for a specific
individual – without having to rely on anyone else’s delineation.

 Students will strip the basic meanings of the planets,
signs, houses and aspects to their core to better understand how they are
structured and, more importantly, how they are interrelated. This lays the
groundwork for an interpretation that reflects the individual’s life.

 Students will start their interpretation practice by using
general patterns formed by the chart as a whole, including distribution of
elements and modes, dispositor patterns, Marc Edmund Jones patterns, and
hemisphere and quadrant emphasis.

 In the next step, students learn to build depth of meaning
by adding specific planetary placements and connections using dispositors,
major aspects, and the major dignities and debilities.

 The goal is for students to develop a solid foundation they
can use and build on as they grow their astrological skills.

 Prerequisites: To be successful, students should have
already memorized the glyphs and basic meanings for the planets, signs, and
houses. They should also be familiar with elements and modes, the planets that
rule each sign, and the major aspects.

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