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[Wkshp] Mars, Mercury & Venus: A Deeper Dive [Recording]

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Course Overview

How do we experience these three planets at work in our daily lives? How do they support (or don’t support) the Sun and Moon, our basic life motivations? 

These three planets all have dual identities – like having a house in the city and a house in the country – based on the two signs they each rule.  They impact us in different ways at different times.

We’ll look at each planet as it manifests in the natal chart, through their elements, modes and house placements.  We will also consider how planets in aspect – natally or by transit – influence Mars, Venus, and Mercury. We’ll look at “notable nativities” past and present; you’re also welcome to supply your own chart.

November 6: Mars

Mars is what happens when Mercury or Venus don’t work well.  When we cannot talk or charm our way out of a situation, Mars holds our ground, brings defiance, competitiveness, and resentment.  Or we act out.

November 13: Venus 

Venus works through refinement and fashion, social poise and wit, sexiness, or being charming.  Venus is especially helpful when getting angry or resentful can backfire.  With Venus, we seduce others and get seduced. Venus gets a lot of our needs met and over-met. 

November 28:  Mercury 

Mercury uses language and symbols, cleverness, versatility, trickery, and “know-how” to solve problems.  Here’s where we rationalize our bad attitudes and decisions. But it’s also the planet of divination and astrology. Too often neglected, Mercury helps us get through the day with humor, competence, and confidence.

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