CATEGORY: Spring 2022-2023

W104 – Fundamentals IV: Chart Synthesis – Spring 2022-2023

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Instructors: Ali Gully and special guests

Required for the Professional Diploma

Prerequisite: W101-W103 or equivalent level of understanding

This is a natal practicum and capstone of the natal fundamentals certificate.  Students will practice and synthesize their knowledge into a systematic approach to reading a birth chart.  

Students will:

Gain an understanding of their style in how they engage and approach a natal chart through critical thinking and peer review.

Learn why the client-first philosophy is crucial to rapport building and setting expectations for a successful reading.

Create their own systematic approach to client consultations in a natal reading.

Identify and communicate the core themes of the native’s life through aspect patterns, planetary strength, and zodiacal positions.

Understand and identify where to look in the birth chart for common client concerns and questions raised such as love, money, career, or health. 

Network and explore various astrologers approaches into the birth chart.

Practice communication skills and rapport building through active demonstrations of chart interpretations.

Extensive practice, class participation, and critical thinking are needed.  Ethics and counseling tools will be explored so practitioners feel comfortable with common dilemmas, how to use self-as-instrument, rapport building, and communication skills.  By the end of class, students will be comfortable isolating the most important parts of a chart and understand how to tailor their approach to meet their client’s needs.

Students who have completed W101-W103 and this course will receive an extended Fundamentals Certificate.

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