CATEGORY: Winter 2022-2023

W101 – Fundamentals I: Introduction to Astrology – Winter 2022-23

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course description:

This course is designed for students who know the very basics of astrology and/or want to solidify the astrological knowledge they have already gained on their own. The astrological chart will be taken apart in order for students to clearly understand how each set of symbols functions and how their interaction provides the basis of interpretation. Students in this course will not only build a solid understanding of the basics of astrology but learn how to immediately apply what they learn to chart interpretation, even if there is no birth time.

Topics covered include: 

  • An introduction to the astronomical underpinnings of the astrological chart
  • Exploration of the interplay between astronomy and the astrological meanings of the planets; comparing meanings from Hellenistic to modern; and an introduction to the mythology and archetypal meaning of the planets.
  • Introduction to natal retrograde planets and meaning.
  • Understanding the big picture by working with elements, modes, and polarities; the hemispheres and quadrants, and Marc Edmund Jones modern chart patterns.
  • Examining the construction of meaning within the astrological signs.
  • Introduction to the astrological houses and how they are created; the meanings of the houses and their changes over time; how to use the houses to enhance an interpretation.
  • Introduction to the major aspects.
  • Introduction to basic dignities, debilities, and dispositor trees to help hone chart interpretation.
  • Layering all this together to create your own interpretation without any outside resource

By the end, students will have a solid understanding of the planets and how the signs and houses modify their meaning. They will learn to evaluate what planets are highlighted in the chart based on their placement by sign and house, basic dignities, and their interaction through aspects and dispositors. They will be able to synthesize this information into a basic coherent and meaningful interpretation without relying on outside resources.

*Required for the Professional Diploma

Course name: W101
Fundamentals l: Introduction

Instructors: Vanessa
Lundborg and Donna Young

Course length: 10

Course cost: $585

Required Books:

-Obert, Charlie, Introduction to Traditional Natal
Astrology: A Complete Working Guide for Modern Astrologers.

-Gillett, Roy. 2011,2012. The Secret Language of


-Dyke, Benjamin. 
Traditional Astrology for Today, An Introduction.  The Cazimi Press Minneapolis, Minnesota.  2010

Pre-requisite: None

Weekly topics:

1. The Big Picture

2. Planets

3. Elements and

4. The Sign’s

5. Quadrants and

6. The Houses

7. Major Aspects

8. Introduction to
the basics of dignities and debilities

9. Layering

10. Putting it together

Instructor bios:

Donna Young is
a professional astrologer based in central Alberta. Immersed in the astrology
community at all levels, she lectures locally and internationally and helps to
organize a conference in Alberta on an annual basis. Her favorite thing
is getting people excited about astrology, and holds hope that it will one day
be understood and accepted broadly enough that it returns to its roots as an
essential part of education. 

Donna practices a fusion of traditional and modern
techniques and has a degree from Kepler College where she is a current faculty
member and Director of Operations. Donna served as an OPA board member, is a
peer group leader, a contributing author to The Professional Astrologer, and is
OPA’s western Canadian Satellite Representative. As a Cree Metis, she is
fascinated by indigenous star culture, and gardens using the cycles of the moon
as her guide.

Certified as a peer group leader by the
Organization for Professional Astrology, she serves on their board as Director
of Publications and Canadian representative. She is a graduate of the Kepler
College degree program and currently serves as Director of

Donna teaches in the following course:


Vanessa Lundborg is
an avid astrologer,  Resonance Repatterning practitioner, and certified
consulting hypnotist, using astrology every day in a personal and professional

She is a recipient of Kepler’s Professional Diploma in Astrology and
continues to be involved with the college as a TA for the Bridge Course and
W101 Fundamentals

Vanessa’s specialties include natal and
relationship astrology, Past Life Exploration, and working with the stars and
subconscious in so many ways to increase positive life responses and joy.

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