CATEGORY: Winter 2022-2023

V100A – Indian Astrology Crash Course – Winter 2022-23

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course description:

Imagine if there was a way to access the details of your life-script (your karma). You could gain an understanding of your life purpose, know when to seize the opportunity, and have the foreknowledge to remediate difficult circumstances. This is the power of Jyotish, the traditional astrology of India.

In this innovative course, you will learn to do more with less as we focus on the essential features of Indian Astrology that will allow you, the motivated student, to begin reading charts in only 5 weeks. Gain an understanding of the concepts and practice of Indian astrology and how it can play a healing role in our lives.

Required for the Diploma program. V100A
Crash Course in Vedic Astrology (5 weeks) or V101A (5 weeks) Introduction to
Indian Astrology

Course name: V100A:
Indian Astrology crash course

Instructor: Kenneth

Course length: 5-Weeks

Course cost: $295

Required Books: Jyotish,
The Art of vedic Astrology by Andrew Mason. 

Pre-requisite:  None

Weekly topics:

Earth First: Houses Bhavas

The Sky Above: Planets and Sidereal Signs

Dignity and Strength; Planetary Aspects

Planetary Combinations (yogas)

Predicting with Dashas and Transits

 Instructor bio:

Instructor Kenneth Miller, BA
in Anthropology, Psychology, and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado:
Boulder; MA in Eastern and Western Traditions: The History, Philosophy, and
Transmission of Astrology from Kepler College; Kenneth D. Miller has an MA in
Eastern and Western Traditions: History and Transmission of Astrology from
Kepler College. He is currently serving as President of Kepler College and is
on the board of ISAR. Awarded Jyotish Medha Shree from ICAS, Jyotish Kovid from
CVA, and Levels I & II Certification from ACVA. Based in San Diego, he
maintains a practice as a consulting astrologer. He is the author of Mars:
Passion or Strife-The Confounding Influence of Culture on Astrology, and the
forthcoming new translation/commentary of On the Bright Fixed Stars by Anon of
379 (with Andrea Gehrz).

After years of having his newspaper horoscope read
to him by his mom, Kenneth D. Miller made the shocking discovery that all the
planets were involved in astrological judgments. At age 13 he taught himself
how to cast a chart by hand. This began a lifelong interest in astrology and
astrological traditions. He remained an amateur western astrologer studying
with various teachers until the mid-1990s when he was exposed to Indian
(Vedic) astrology, and after a few years decided to make a mid-life career
switch to become a professional astrologer.

In addition to Indian astrology, Kenneth has
studied Modern western astrology with Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, Hellenistic
astrology with Demetra George and Robert Schmidt, Medieval astrology with
Robert Zoller, and Renaissance astrology with Lee Lehman. He is one of the few
professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all of these
traditions. He can be reached at

Kenneth teaches in the following

E310A The
interplay of Religion and Astrology

V100A Indian
Astrology Crash Course

Introduction to Indian Astrology

 V110A Vedic
Electional Tricks for Western Astrologers

Practicum: Applied Forecasting in the Client Session

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