CATEGORY: Winter 2023-2024

T104 – Delineation Synthesis – Winter 2023-24

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course is for students of astrology who know the basics but have trouble with interpretation. By the end, students will have learned a range of techniques and methods that will assist them in bringing the generalities of astrological symbolism to an insightful delineation for a specific individual – without having to rely on anyone else’s interpretation.

Students will learn a simple but powerful methodology to gain a deeper understanding of the core meanings of the planets, signs, houses and aspects. These basics are stripped to their core to understand how they are structured, how they are interrelated, and how they reflect the wholeness of an individual and their life. 

Interpretation practice begins by using general patterns formed by the chart as a whole, including distribution of element and mode, dispositor patterns, Marc Edmund Jones patterns, and hemisphere and quadrant emphasis. 

In the next step, students learn to build additional layers of meaning by adding specific planetary connections based on dispositors, major aspects, and the major dignities and debilities. 

Prerequisites: Students should have memorized the glyphs and basic meanings for the planets, signs, and houses. They should also be familiar with the element and mode of the signs, the planets that rule each sign, and the major aspects.

Features:  This course is five weeks. Students will have a 2-hour live Zoom session each week. Students are also encouraged to participate in the optional online discussions and take the quizzes to help with their learning. If students want additional personalized feedback, they have the option to complete homework assignments and/or the final test.  Students who want to apply their learning to Kepler’s Certificate Program and go directly into W102 need to pass the final test. 

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