CATEGORY: Winter 2022-2023

MAG100A Astrological Magic Part I – Winter 2022-23

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course is a culmination of two decades of research into the origins of astrology and magic. It is a reconstruction of essential core practices, their underlying cosmological foundations, and their physical and metaphysical principles. The concepts and techniques taught in this course aim to bridge the world of the intellect with the world of experience and lead the student through the astro-magical processes, both in the astrological skill of election, and in the application of magical actions and creations. The experiential elements are complemented with ancient Theurgic and Shamanic perspectives, reaching beyond the borders of the western world.

Guided by this powerful wisdom distilled from ancient sources and decades of experience, this course aspires to rekindle the primordial roots of our astral nature, to align and commune with the living cosmos.

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