CATEGORY: Workshops

(July 15) Mavericks Unshackled: Freeing Your Angular Planets

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

In this interactive workshop, you are invited to share your natal chart in order to identify and align with the opportunities you have to manifest your maverick power to change yourself and the world. Michael will identify Maverick placements, reviewing participants’ astrological birth charts while synthesizing his knowledge of angular planets, astrology and Core Energetics.

He will then ask questions to see how you use the energies and then provide mantras, practices and/or other guidance and support to encourage your more natural individual flow.

Participants are limited to 75.

Please note: Michael will read as many charts as he can during the time period, but anyone who doesn’t receive a reading during the workshop is welcome to email Michael with their chart/birth information and he will respond with a written response.

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