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(Feb 25) Amazing Grace: Saturn Returns at Ages 29 and 58 – Workshop

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Course Overview

We live in a world where ageing is a key challenge. On the one hand we are encouraged to reinvent and challenges ourselves in order to stay relevant and attractive, which can feel overly demanding. On the other hand, we cannot deny that our life on earth is limited. This conflict is represented by Saturn, the ruler of time. Saturn returns initiate the next trimester in life and demand that we take stock. When the ruler of time comes back to his birth chart position, he demands a proper revaluation of how we deal with Saturn’s sign, aspects and house. Martin will shed light on the three stages of Saturnian self-growth inhibition, compensation and integration. This can be a daunting challenge, for sure. But also, a great opportunity to deal with ourselves in a more mature and responsible way. 

• The challenges of Aging

• How to embrace the next trimester in your life

• How to manage the three stages of Saturnian self-growth 

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