CATEGORY: Workshops

(Feb 11) Holistic Embodied Pisces Workshop

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Welcome to the 12th of 12 workshops where we are going to explore each astrological sign from a holistic and embodied perspective. We will explore the various components that make Pisces what it is, as a sign energetically, the main significations, how Pisces reflects in seasons, tastes, organ systems, and emotional and psychological states. We will also break down how to view Pisces from outside of the conditioned norms of the culture we exist within in order to access the essence of Pisces. In this and every workshop, we will be introducing very simple and safe practices that aid in bringing the experience of Pisces more into our bodies or relieving us of the more difficult experiences that Pisces can bring. Be ready to deepen and broaden your perspective and direct experience of what Pisces is.

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